Cheryl's Neighborhood Garden

Website: cherylsneighborhoodgarden.com

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I have a small plot of land 25 X 25 with a fence around it to keep deer out. I have established my herb garden for the third year, 2018, so the perennial herbs should be more abundant this year.

I may have bagged, dried herbs for people who want them, just let me know.

I may also have some herbal remedies, as I can plan ahead, and make things up. (salves, lotions, oils, soap)

I use yard mulch such as grass clippings, leaves, pine mulch in abundance on my garden. I do not use any kind of chemical.

If anyone knows where I can obtain abundant wood chips leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, would you please contact me; provided that they haven’t been sprayed with any kind of commercial chemical. I would be happy to bag it up and bring it to my garden. The spring time is a good time to get this kind of material since people will clean out their yards and rake up in piles. Thanks.

Note: The website address is under construction.

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