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Market Is Open!

What a beautiful week it has been! Seems like spring has finally sprung for real! It’s time to plant some of our new perennial offerings or red azaleas from Dogwood Valley to brighten your garden. You can also pick up a hanging basket or a houseplant to put out on your porch – just keep an eye on the nighttime temperature for a couple more weeks.

The market has lots of eggs, including duck eggs; soaps & lotions; dried herbs & teas; local honey, lettuce, & spinach. And Wayne Diller’s popcorn will make a great healthy dessert.

See you on Thursday afternoon for pickup! Remember that the market closes for ordering at noon on Wednesday. Look around at the merchandise available at Square Books Round Cookies, our host store, when you come to pick up your market order.

Check it out!

This Week's Market is Open for Shopping!

Ah… the good ole summertime. It may rain, it may snow, yet this April – but today was glorious, fabulous, beautiful summertime. I hope you were able to enjoy it a bit outside.

The perennials think it’s summertime too, and there will be several new ones on the market this evening. I just reluctantly dragged myself in from the greenhouse and haven’t had time to make them available just yet. There’s nothing quite like a salad made with fresh locally grown lettuce and spinach, as those who ordered this week can attest. Cookies, granola, eggs,dried herbs & spices, honey, bath & beauty products, and several handmade craft items round out the offerings.

When you come to pick up your order this week, don’t forget to look around at the merchandise available at Square Books Round Cookies, our host store. See you on Thursday afternoon for pickup! Don’t forget the market closes for ordering at noon on Wednesday.

Welcome to Open Market at Manchester Locally Grown Market!

We received sad news this week. Guy Bixler has passed away. He was the father of Natasha Brooks of Triple B Farms; and grandfather of Brenden Brooks of Little Raven Woodworks, and Grace & Ruth Brooks of Brooks Girls Cookie Creation.

Spring has still not decided whether she wants to stay or leave, and many of our spring vegetables are a little hesitant to make a commitment to the market just yet. Keep watching! As soon as the weather improves, we’ll have lots of yummy green things for sale. The perennials and hanging baskets at Dogwood Valley are getting bigger every day, and a few new ones are on the market. The lengthening daylight produces lots of eggs this time of year, and we still have the winter offerings of honey, soaps, & lotions. This week we also have for the first time wooden toy cars by Brenden Brooks, a talented young man who owns Little Raven Woodworks.

Come check us out!

Have a blessed Easter! He is risen!

The Market is Open!

Good evening, & welcome to a new week at Manchester Locally Grown market. This week, please welcome Little Raven Woodworks, by Brenden Brooks, who makes homemade wooden toys. I can’t wait to see the items he will be listing!

We have a good assortment of very early greenhouse-grown spring vegetables. I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry for some good salad!

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse has added a flame violet hanging basket and several beautiful Easter planter centerpieces. A few new perennials and herbs are on the list this week as well.

Soaps, lotions, local honey (so good to boost our immune system), lots of local free-range eggs, cookies being sold to raise money to help pay for gymnastics competitions, dried herbs & spices, Elvish cloaks, & baby moccasins are just some of the things on the market this week. Check here for this week’s listing. Thank you for supporting your local farmers and craftspeople.

The Link to Order

Sorry, I missed the link. Here is the link to the market page.

Manchester Locally Grown is open!

Wow! Happy summer! Have you noticed how our weather can swing from winter to summer in the space of a few days? (sometimes a few hours) I worked outside today in a sleeveless top, for the first time this season. For those who know me, I was not even wearing a jacket!

We are still in “winter mode” with lots of dried herbs & spices, and bath & beauty products; as well as baked goods & honey. Grundy Greens’ spring greens & Frontier Family Farm’s spinach are available in quantity. Don’t forget Wayne Diller’s popcorn for a healthy & delicious dessert. The daffodils are done at Dogwood Valley, but there are some new hanging baskets & houseplants, as well as a new perennial or two, on the market this week.

Check out our market offerings this week here: .

Market is Closing Soon

Don’t forget to place your order before tomorrow at noon for delivery Thursday afternoon. Please let me know if you have any problems setting up your customer account or placing your order. E-mail .


This Week's Market is Open!

I feel like spring has really arrived, even though the calendar says I’m rushing it a little. That’s what two days in a row in the greenhouse does to me, I guess! My son helped me pot up some new hanging baskets and lavender plants. What a good feeling!

This week, please welcome to the market Onderka Family Farm, currently offering fudge, dinner rolls & breads, eggs, and marmalade.

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse is offering daffodil bouquets for one last week.

Please check our market offerings and place your order by noon on Wednesday for delivery Thursday afternoon to Square Books Round Cookies, 113 East Main Street, Manchester. Thanks for your orders last week!


Manchester Locally Grown is open for orders

Dear market customers,

Please welcome Natasha and Grace Brooks to our list of growers. Natasha’s Triple B Farm in Manchester makes tea, raw granola, has a small selection of medicinal plants and has various herbs fresh and dried, all grown on our farm. Her daughters Grace and Ruth are competitive gymnasts, who travel in and out of state during their meet season. They have established Brooks Girls Cookie Creations, making a variety of cookies specializing in gluten free and other common allergies. The girls use the money from cookie sales to help pay for their gymnastics fees.

This week we have a good selection of baked goods, herbs & teas, local honey, perennial plants and houseplants, vegetables, soaps & lotions. In addition to baby moccasins from Solace Farm, this week we also offer elvish cloaks from the Brooks Girls. This will probably be the last week for Daffodil Bouquets from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse.

Browse the market and place your order by Wednesday at noon for delivery at Square Books Round Cookies, 113 East Main Street, Manchester, on Thursday afternoon.

Thanks for your order!

Manchester Locally Grown market is open!

Dear Market Members:

Spring is ever-so-softly slipping our way. I can feel it in the air. Signs of the very early part of spring are more and more common. The robins have returned in force to Coffee County, the daffodils are blooming, and the sunshine (when we see it) is warmer each day.

There are lots of eggs on the market this week, including duck eggs; as well as soaps and lotions. Solace Farm has added adorable handmade baby moccasins. Hansen’s Milk & Honey Farm has lots of local honey (so good for allergies). Dogwood Valley Greenhouse has daffodil bouquets again this week, and probably next as well. Grundy Greens’ lettuces and Frontier Family Farms’ spinach are delicious this time of year. And Wayne Diller’s popcorn will make a great healthy dessert. There are several perennials and a few houseplants available from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse.

Come browse through the market and choose a few things for your family this week. Click here to begin shopping.