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Manchester Locally Grown market is open!

Dear Market Members:

Spring is ever-so-softly slipping our way. I can feel it in the air. Signs of the very early part of spring are more and more common. The robins have returned in force to Coffee County, the daffodils are blooming, and the sunshine (when we see it) is warmer each day.

There are lots of eggs on the market this week, including duck eggs; as well as soaps and lotions. Solace Farm has added adorable handmade baby moccasins. Hansen’s Milk & Honey Farm has lots of local honey (so good for allergies). Dogwood Valley Greenhouse has daffodil bouquets again this week, and probably next as well. Grundy Greens’ lettuces and Frontier Family Farms’ spinach are delicious this time of year. And Wayne Diller’s popcorn will make a great healthy dessert. There are several perennials and a few houseplants available from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse.

Come browse through the market and choose a few things for your family this week. Click here to begin shopping.

Delivery/Pickup Location

It’s official. On Thursday, February 21, we will meet for delivery and pickup at 113 East Main Street, Manchester. This is a white building located next to “The Brew.” If you need directions, please call Linda at (931) 273-9708.

Market is Open

Welcome to the first-ever shopping days on the Manchester Locally Grown farmers’ market. Browse through the listings and pick something to try. We have some local vegetables, honey, bread, and cut flowers for your table; local soaps of all sorts; and a few local plants for your early spring garden. Thank you for supporting our local farmers and artisans. If you need any help with your order, please feel free to email the market manager.