Quietly Cultivating

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I’m just a mom in her kitchen making dehydrated sourdough starter to get others up and running with sourdough goodness. My kids help out in the process and we’ve been able to send starter off to different parts of the US. My active starter (COCO is her name) is a year and a half old and the dehydrated starter comes from that. I’m trying to become more active in selling it on Instagram as well, and enjoy posting everything that I’ve been making with “COCO”: pancakes, waffles, bread, tortillas, bagels, etc. Sourdough making is still a really popular skill people are trying to become sufficient in and I’ve included a pretty thorough guide for newbies to help get them through the entire process -from rehydrating to baking. Each bundle for sale includes 30g of dehydrated starter, an instruction guide, and a fun sticker. I can be found on Instagram @hygge.school.house.

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