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About my garden

UPDATE: Hello friends, Neighbors, Growers, I have new information about what will be coming up with Cheryl’s Neighborhood Garden for 2024 on my Facebook page. Link here or go to the growers list. I should have more UPDATES for 2024 as time progresses.
I still have some dried herbs NOW from the garden. The herbs come in 4 oz. shaker bottle with seals that I ordered from Amazon. The herbs are $5 each bottle. I have garden sage that comes in a snack bag, full and they are double the amount of two shaker bottles full of pure herb.
I also have larger shaker bottles; 8oz. If you choose the larger container they are $8 each. I have Stevia, Rosemary, Sweet basil, Red pepper flakes, ground Chipotle, ground Dill weed or whole Dill weed, & more.
NEW ITEM: I have Lemongrass bulb, and Lemongrass leaves for tea, they will be posted on the Middle Tennessee Locally Grown Market site.
UPDATE: If all goes well, I should have more vegetables, and greens, and an abundance of flowers and herbs, fresh from the garden in 2024. I am praying all goes well this next year.
How to prepare lemongrass: Your text to link
Click the link below for more info on lemongrass.
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I DO NOT use any kind of chemicals, on the garden; instead, I use yard mulch such as grass clippings, dried leaves, wood chips (from a previous cut down tree) to feed the garden.
Since I began using black plastic as a ground cover(to keep out weeds) I have seen other gardens that use this method and the crops look very healthy. I am planning on adding more plastic and landscaping fiber to expand the garden so that we can be more abundant in (2024). Please view the garden pictures, there is a picture of the colorful orange and red Paprika Alma peppers. The peppers have a thick flesh (1/4 inch) and are great for drying and grinding into homegrown paprika. The smell is AWESOME…

I use and recommend homegrown herbs and spices for home cooking. I love the aromas that come from the herbs as they are being picked fresh from the garden.
Enjoy! CNG/MLG
Happy Planting / Cooking!
Cheryls Neighborhood Garden

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